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Richard S. Chizever, P.A.

Mr. Chizever fights for your rights; even when you feel like giving up and "throwing in the towel." He is always available to take calls and assists his clients any time of the day. He is aggressive and will fight to the end to make sure his client's needs and rights are met. Importantly, since I had minor children involved in my family law proceeding, he always kept the best interest of the children in mind. Going through a divorce and battling your ex over money and custody can be a very painful experience. Mr. Chizever put that pain at ease with his ability to approach the legal issue at hand from a knowledgeable and experienced standpoint. I would NOT want Mr. Chizever to represent my ex! I want him fighting on my side of the ring.       Therese F. - 2014  

Mr. Chizever has shown himself to be a very caring and intelligent attorney. He has the ability to aggressively handle issues that seem overwhelming to me and at the same time reassure me that my interests will be protected. He makes himself available to me at any time, even at night and weekends. What especially impresses me is his genuine and heartfelt concern for my son. He integrates that concern into his work so that everything that is important to me is prioritized.     Lauren S.  - 2013  

Richard has been handling the case regarding my son and rights I was being unjustly denied by the mother. Understanding the magnitude of my situation, he quickly filed for an emergency hearing and after a brief appearance before the judge; I was unconditionally restored rights to my son.  I have been completely satisfied with Richard's performance, professionalism and accessibility. I can sincerely recommend him for family law representation.      Donald S.   - 2012  

Rick Chizever is truly dedicated and attentive to my unique paternity case. I have worked in the legal field for over ten years and his level of commitment is unsurpassed.  He has aggressively and strategically worked to achieve successful outcomes on every single issue that has arisen throughout my case.  Rick gives absolutely nothing less than 100%.  He goes above and beyond to make himself available to discuss case development even late at night and on weekends. I could not be more satisfied and would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.   Carmen S.  - 2013


We do not just handle your case....We fight for your rights!

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